MRB has built an in-house design studio that enables MRB to provide audio/video production, web search optimization, graphics services as well as a host of marketing services that will produce real, tangible results.

Marketing Planning & Support

MRB will provide a marketing plan and coordinate in all facets of marketing support including trade shows, booth design, branding, content development, advertising, web design and more.


MRB produces and distributes audio and video podcasts for our clients. Our audio system is integrated into a sophisticated IP PBX system that enables remarkably clear recordings over phone lines.

Podcasts are growing in popularity and have become a valuable marketing tool. You can find podcasts for virtually any topic in a variety of podcast directories. MRB leverages podcasts to educate users (from novice to expert); and help with branding efforts. Podcasts can be posted on the websites and distributed through RSS feeds, newsletters, email, resellers, etc. Podcasts can be conducted to educate resellers on product/solutions, sales reps on what's working, potential customers on benefits, and the general public for education about key topics. MRB recommends hosts and/or guests from resellers, partners, analysts and media to lend third-part credibility. MRB maintains a list of experienced voice-over talent that can add credibility to your campaign.

Graphic Design

MRB provides graphic design services as well. Our design staff creates websites, collateral, logos, posters, signage, newsletters, custom publications, white papers and more.