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MRB Was Founded as a Media Research Company

MRB opened its doors in 1992 to help leading business and technology media reporters, editors create compelling technology-focused feature stories. Under contract with the leading business and technology trade publishers and popular broadcast media, MRB has delivered key research to a network of the most esteemed media covering the technical advances of our generation.

Our intimate knowledge of how to best develop meaningful stories is why the media has come to rely on us, and why successful companies leverage our experience and contacts.

A Higher Return Per Dollar than Any Other Marketing Vehicle

For more than 25 years, MRB has consistently helped companies increase visibility. What really separates MRB is not just our ability to deliver results, but the way those results translate into real business growth. Some of our clients find funding, many have been acquired, others have grown into outright market leaders.

We are constantly learning, adapting and trying new things. We work with our clients and show them how to be seen, heard, searchable, and most importantly…be different.




At MRB our creed is simple, "we don’t just work with the press, we work for the press." Our goal is to help the media create the best stories possible.