MRB is remarkable at designing PR programs that garner consistent media coverage in a way that is non-taxing on our clients’ resources.  You will never hear us cry about not having enough to talk about. It’s our job to get what we need from you to run the account properly.

There are a few things that make us exceptional:

Media Coverage

Simply put, we generate an incredible amount of coverage (and usually) in a short period of time.  We do this better than anyone.  All firms make these claims, but we can prove it.  Take a look at some of the case studies on the site, or ask us to show you more – we have lots of them.  Our company was built on helping the media craft valuable stories, not pigeon-hole a client into a story they may or may not fit into.  The media knows when they work with us they get quality assistance, not a stream of press release info.

Note to small to midsized tech vendors: Many clients come to us after dumping huge fees with large, well-known PR firms.  They always have the same shocked reaction as we typically increase their exposure exponentially. No knock on the big guys, they are good at what they do and are necessary to handle very large accounts.  As you might expect, their A team provides the work on those blue chip accounts.  Smaller companies without brand recognition go to junior staffers, who may be professional, but lack the knowledge, contacts, and creativity to properly service brands on the rise. Our CEO speaks at colleges and universities nationwide to help the next generation of PR professionals understand how to best work with the media (our effort to help clean up the poor reputation of PR).

Content Generation

We generate lots of content in various ways. Generally, we can leverage much of a business’ existing content by rewriting existing blogs or pulling information from existing materials (white papers, case studies, fact sheets, etc.).  We can also schedule a quick 20-minute interview with key executives about recent topics and trends that our research indicates the media is looking to cover.  We can usually generate 3-4 articles based on these calls. We can also leverage our sister company to provide professionally written content from our pool of more than 70 leading tech journalists at ridiculously low prices.

Other Services We Provide

Speaker Placement
Analyst Relations
Corporate/Product Placement
Case Study Programs
Trade Show Support
Social Media Campaigns
Media Tours
Media Training




At MRB our creed is simple, "we don’t just work with the press, we work for the press." Our goal is to help the media create the best stories possible.